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Zemovi and Sure announce partnership

HARDEWIJK – August 3, 2023

Today SURE is proud to officially announce that we have signed a partner-up deal with Zemovi. The joint vision regarding the transition of mobility in general and the electrification of business use to a sustainable solution, brought both companies closer together over the past 8 months.

Zemovi offers customized and smart EV charging solutions, including EV charging equipment such as fast DC and AC chargers, charging station modules, and front-end mobile APPs. Business owners rely on us when developing their EV charging infrastructure.

“A greener tomorrow, today!” the slogan of Zemovi. The company is therefore committed to a sustainable future. It focuses entirely on promoting the energy transition. In the short term, the world’s fastest charging system will be introduced on the Dutch market by Zemovi, which will then also be used at the AFAS Stadium of AZ.

ZEMOVI is the main sponsor of the renewed AZ Women’s team. The contract between the two parties was signed on Friday morning in the AFAS Stadium.

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